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I have been thinking of starting this cooking & recipes blog for ages but I wasn’t sure about it. Nonetheless, I was writing the recipes on my laptop, until today when I finally decided to put it out there. Eventually, I did, and to my surprise, within 20 minutes of me publishing the blog I started getting likes from fellow Foodies & Bloggers. This was a great start and an amazing confidence booster.

My recipes are very simple and can be used for daily cooking, No bells & whiskers added 😉 These recipes can be used by one and all, especially bachelors and people staying away from home. You’ll for sure get a taste of home. Enjoy!

Latest Recipes:

Cooking is a Science & an Art

You cook with the ingredients in your mind AND your loved ones’ happiness in your heart!

Nuff Said! Read the recipes and do share your thoughts. In case you have a better version, I hope you’d not mind sharing it with me 🙂

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